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FINRA made the strategic decision to embrace open source software development, both as consumer and contributor. The decision, along with our commitment to cloud computing, has helped revolutionize our ability to protect investors and ensure the integrity of US markets.

Today, we sponsor a multitude of open source projects in the areas of Big Data, DevOps, and Quality Assurance. We believe in sharing our innovation and helping to influence standards, functionality, and features to improve technology in all areas. We encourage you to browse, download, use, and help contribute to our projects.



Automating the infrastructure provisioning, performing build & deployments, orchestrating the delivery pipelines, and continuously monitoring the applications are common challenges faced by enterprises. And doing this in a secure, compliant manner makes it even more challenging. Our set of tools support organizations to achieve these goals and help adopt DevOps and Continuous Delivery quickly and effectively.


FINRA Assurance Engineering helps to improve the confidence level of the software used to support regulatory oversight for its members and markets. We have invested heavily on Automated software testing tools and libraries to support this mission. These are readily available to use and can help you transform the way you test your software.

Big Data

FINRA process and analyzes 25 petabytes of data on its cloud data lake with 40 billion records added daily. As an early cloud data lake pioneer, FINRA had to build its own suite of application and tools. These are now available to others to foster growth of the cloud data lake community. Start turning your data puddles into data lakes.


The use of open source tools in addressing enterprise security protection began at the very start of the Open Source Initiative.Tools like nmap, Metasploit, and Snort are pervasive in industry and used by security professional around the world. At FINRA, we feel that it is our obligation to contribute to this effort by becoming a purveyor of our own security tools.  We hope that you find our tools easy to use, well documented, and effective at closing security gaps in a cost effective manner.