An Inside Look with Sandhya Sebe

FINRA Software Development

What is it really like to work in FINRA as a technologist and to be a part of one of the most advanced quality assurance practices in the nation? Meet Sandhya Sebe, one of FINRA’s women Software Development Engineers in Test.

Sandhya has 13 years of experience in software development and testing. Born and raised in Hyderabad, India her previous work includes testing and development for Amazon. She’s been working at FINRA now for almost 7 years.

What does an average day look like for you?

As soon as I come in, I check in to see if there any high priority tasks on my plate. Mostly, I’m checking things that are going into production that I need to test.

After that, I work on test planning, automating functional and performance tests. In addition to automating new tests, I constantly try to improve the efficiency and coverage of our integration tests and frameworks. I also support releases for newly added features which includes various activities like bug triaging, functional and performance testing, regression testing.

Beyond my team, I also help with interviewing and mentoring, weekly. I do peer code review for other teams to help the QA organization grow.

What’s a project you’re really proud of? Why?

The redesign in March 2014. That was one of the major projects for the team. It was a big step because we went to the cloud for the first time with AWS.

QA got involved right from the start of the project resulting in a smooth release without any major hiccups.

What makes you excited about working at FINRA?

I get to handle multiple projects, exposure to many things. I also like mentoring people, peer reviews. I get to contribute to other teams as well. It’s great, getting the exposure, the opportunity to look at others code.

If you could describe FINRA’s culture in 5 words, what would they be?

Interesting. Balance (for work-life). Fun. Cloud. Technology.

Anything else you want to mention?

Your career can grow very quickly at FINRA if you’re dedicated and motivated. There’s no restriction as long as you can prove yourself. I’ve seen people become managers in a few years, leading teams. Open source projects that FINRA works on are commendable. Most companies don’t put the same amount of resources into them.

As far as QA, there’s a lot of stress on associations that are formed to help on different testing and automation topics. Every week people will meet to discuss how to help engineers improve and help their challenges in testing and automation space. It’s nice to have both as a community as well as people who help support your career.