FINRA is proud to be Bitcamp's Design Partner this year and we've brought several members of our UX/UI team to help answer questions about user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. We'll also have some hardcore hackers at our booth if you need some help with your code.

We've crafted a special challenge related to design and will hold a Go Bananas Over UX workshop that includes a fun, hands-on mini-challenge with a special prize. Come visit our booth for more details.

The Challenge - Protecting Investors Through Life

Investors come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. FINRA's mission is to protect all investors, whether a person is just entering the workforce or one who is well into retirement. Your challenge is to design an investor education product for a specific audience. To help get you started, we've brought 3 personas: a college student, a 30-something in the midst of a career, and an upcoming retiree.

Download Personas persona

The Challenge Prize

A total of $2000 to be split among winners and a chance at earning a summer internship* with FINRA.

How Will We Judge Your Submission?

Here are the key things we will look for when judging your submission to the challenge:

*Internship opportunity is at the discretion of FINRA; qualifications and restrictions apply.

Don't Miss Our "Go Bananas over UX" Workshop
on Saturday 4/7 at 2PM.

What is the connection between bananas and great UX design?

Come to our workshop to find out!

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